White Bathroom Drawers and Units

Pure white bathroom furniture creates a modern and clean look. It is a good investment that will last a lifetime. The gloss or matte finishes are available. This colour is great for all bathroom styles. The glossy finish will enhance the sense of space, while the matte finish will create a contemporary and clean look. No matter what design you choose, white bathroom furniture will work well in your home.

You can choose from a variety of styles to fit your budget and taste. Modern designs include floor-standing and wall-hung units, which create an illusion of a larger room. Because they maximize vertical storage, tall units are very popular. Tall units also take advantage of unused space and maximise vertical space. Pay attention to how far the bathroom door is from the piece of furniture. Moreover, be sure to take into consideration any doors or furniture that will clash with your chosen design scheme.

A black bathroom can bring out the drama in a space. Black bathroom furniture creates an elegant, modern look. It is easy to mix black bathroom furniture with white. However, don’t expect to create a big impact in a tiny space. You can combine a black vanity unit and a white radiator to make the space work.

Painting the furniture is a simple way to add a personal touch to your bathroom. You can make your bathroom more personal by painting the furniture in a colour that matches the scheme. To resist splashes of liquid and to wipe clean easily, the paint must be oil-based. To cover any painted surfaces, you could also apply white or black primer. This will help you match the paint to the colour scheme of your bathroom.

500mm Gloss White Wall Hung 2 Door Vanity Unit And Optional Basin – Mid Edge / Minimalist

White bathroom drawers
White bathroom furniture
White bathroom unit

800mm Gloss White Wall Hung 2 Door Vanity Unit And Optional Basin – Mid Edge / Minimalist

White bathroom units
White bathroom furniture UK
White bathroom drawer unit

Elena 600mm Compact Floor Standing Vanity Sink Unit 2 Door Gloss White With Polymarble Basin

White bathroom cabinets
Bathroom cabinet white
White bathroom vanity units uk
White slimline bathroom unit


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